Sunday, November 20, 2011

A new coupon contest!

With the holidays approaching it's time to give something away! So I have decided to give away $300 worth of coupons to my followers of Miss Savings Girl! Included in the coupons there will be some gift cards as well (those will be a surprise!)

How the contest works: starting today, November 20th  and running until December 4th midnight EST, you could earn the following:

One entry clicking "LIKE" on my Facebook page Miss Saving Girl Facebook

One entry for following me on Twitter Miss Savings Girl Twitter
One entry for each unique re-tweet of Miss Savings Girl Tweet
One entry for each unique comment on my Facebook wall Miss Saving Girl Facebook wall
One entry for each unique comment on my blog  Miss Savings Girl Blog
Two entries for following the Miss Savings Girl Blog

On Tuesday December the 6th I will post the winner!

Good Luck everyone!

Happy Savings,
Miss Savings Girl!

The Christmas Savings Account idea!

The holiday’s are just around the corner, and you are thinking that where will I find all that money! Well here is a way that you can find some money that you already have and quickly put some money aside for Christmas shopping! It will take a bit of discipline, but I am sure that you will be able to do it in no time!

The first step is to open up a new bank account and call it Christmas money account. Make sure that your bank has online banking and you have free transfers to this account online, many banks have e-savings accounts that are set up for free online transfers.

The second step is to fill this account with money! The quickest way is by committing that you will not spend money on personal “wants” purchases.  Set a date and stick to it till Christmas day and you will be surprised to see how much money you still have after the holidays!  Here are some quick and easy tips to “saving” that money:

1.     Every time you want to buy something, go online and move that money to your Christmas money account and use that money only for the holidays! (Or save it for Boxing Day shopping, you will get more money!)
2.     Think about everything that you buy during the day, coffee, water or lunch.  Eliminate those things till Christmas day, and every time you want to make that purchase, move the money over to your Christmas money account it will add up!
3.     Use coupons! There are so many coupons out there to use on your day to day grocery items. Makes sure you add up your coupon savings each time and put that money in your Christmas money account. To find out where to find coupons, check out this posting.
4.     Sell the things you just don’t use anymore.  Check out online places such as Craigslist and Kijiji.  List your items on their site.  I call this a virtual garage sale. For more information on how to make the most of your virtual sale, check out this posting.  Once you sell an item, don’t forget to deposit that money to your Christmas money account!

Remember to always live within your means and Christmas isn’t about the amount of money you spend on your friends and family, it’s really about the great time you have with them and the memories you will all have after! Happy holidays!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello fellow savers! Walmart is having an AMAZING birthday sale this week! And there are some great savings to be had with or without coupons!! 
If you have saved a copy of your P&G Brandsaver coupon insert, then your saving can be EVEN greater!!! 
Take a look...

Tide Laundry Detergent 32 Use $4.97 - $3 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $3.47
Foldger's Ground Coffee $5.97 - $1 (Wake Up Your Breakfast Booklet) = $4.97
Irish Spring Bar Soap 6pk $1.97 - $2 (insert coupon) = FREE
Colgate Total Toothpaste $1.97 - $1 ( = .97
Charmin Bathroom Tissue 16 Triple or 24 Double Roll $8.98 - $1 (brandsaver) = $7.98
Duracell Value Pack Batteries $5.97 - $1 ( = $4.97
Centrum Select or Forte 60's $5.98 - $2 (tear pad) = $3.98
Tena Products $12.47 - $1 (insert coupon) = $11.47
Secret Deodorant or Body Splash $1.97 - $1 (brandsaver) = .97
Gillette Deodorant $1.97 - $5 WUB 3 (brandsaver) = .30
Old Spice Deodorant $1.97 - $3 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = .47
Listerine 1L $5.77 - $3 (printable) = $2.77
Pantene 657ml $5.77 - $1 (brandsaver) = $4.77
Head & Shoulders 700ml $5.77 - $1 or $2.50 WUB Shampoo & Conditioner (brandsaver) = $4.77/$4.27
Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour $5.77 - $2 (tear pad) = $3.77
Dove Bar Soap 4pk $2.87 - $2 WUB 2 (tear pad) = $1.87
Dove Body Wash $2.87 - $2 WUB 2 (tear pad) = $1.87
Irish Spring Body Wash $2.87 - $2 (insert coupon) = .87
Gillette Body Wash $2.87 - $5 WUB 3 (brandsaver) = $1.20
Old Spice Body Wash $2.87 - $3 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $1.37
Fructis Shampoo 2pk $3.77 - $5 WUB 3 (booklet) = $2.10
Bounty Paper Towels 6 Mega Rolls $8.98 - $1 (brandsaver) = $7.98
Dawn Dish Soap $1.37 - $1 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = .87
Puffs 4 Double Pks $4.98 - $1 (brandsaver) = $3.98
Cascade Action Pac's 44's or 54's $9.97 - $1.50 (brandsaver) = $8.47
Bounty Napkins 320's $4.97 - $1 (brandsaver) = $3.97
Bounce Dryer Sheets 120's $4.97 - $3 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $3.47
Downy 52-60 Uses $4.97 - $3 WUB 2 (brandsaver) = $3.47
Ziploc Freezer Bags 30's $4.48 - $2 WUB 2 ( = $3.48
Vileda Pro Mist Mop $19.98
Ziploc 15pk Containers $7.98 - $2 WUB 2 (websaver) = $6.98
Swiffer Wet Jet $16.97 - $3 (brandsaver) = $13.97
Febreze Noticables Starter Kit $5 - $1 (brandsaver) = $4
Pedigree Dog Food 16kg $24.27 - $3 (tear pad) = $21.27
Ritz Crackers $1.97 - various coupons
Christie Cookies $1.97 - .75 (Chips Ahoy Middles, What's Cooking) = $1.22
Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna .87 - $1 WUB 3 (tear pad) = .54
Delissio Pizza $4.37 - $2 (Nestea Canister) = $2.37
Janes Chicken Burgers, Nuggets, or Strips $5.97 - $1.50/$2/$3
Windex, Fantastik, or Scrubbing Bubbles Triggers $2.87 - various coupons
Glad Kitchen Catchers 2/$10 - $1 (Shreddies box) = $4
Glade Scented Oil, Automatic Spray Kits, Or Refills $5 - various insert coupon

If anyone of you are in the Toronto Area and need some coupons for this sale, please let me know I would be more then happy to share some with you!!!  email me at
Happy Savings! 
Miss Savings Girl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation Almost OVER

I know I haven't been blogging for the entire month of July. I took a mini vacation... but I am back BITCHES!!! New post and deals coming this weekend!!

Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I was thinking about Shane Koyczan, the spoke word poet that performed at the Olympics.  I was really moved by his presentations at the Vancouver Olympics. In honour of Canada Day I wanted to post this Shane Koyczan video! Remember WE ARE MORE!! 

Happy Canada Day!
Miss Savings Girl!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ordering coupons online

Since the mail strike is over I think it's time to start re-ordering and topping up on coupons. Save, Websaver and brandsaver, all have hidden portals where you can order more coupons.  Here is a tip - sign in first to each of the websites and just order each group of coupons (because only Save does not require that you have a minimum order)  Here is a list of some of the hidden links that I have come across:
Arm and Hammer Coupons:
Toothpaste Coupons:
Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupons:
Live Well Save Well Coupons
McCormick Coupons (Le Grille):
Purina Coupons:
Dr. Oetker Coupons:
Sunlight Detergent Coupons
Old El Paso Coupon:
Kellogg’s Special K Coupons:
Schneiders Country Naturals Sliced Meat Coupons:
Colgate 360 Manual Brush Coupons:
New Garnier Hair Coloring Coupons:
New Kellogg’s Special K cereal bar coupon:…
Like Krinos Facebook Page and get this $1.50 hidden Coupon:
Hidden Websaver Cesar Coupons:
Hidden All Bran Websaver Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Clorox Coupons:
Life Made Delicious Coupons:
Hidden Websaver French’s Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Greenworks Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Kellogg’s Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Loreal Paris Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Maple Leaf Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Jergens Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Biobest Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Dial Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Cetaphil Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Coupons:
Hidden Websaver Maybelline Coupons:
Herbal Essences Coupons:
Iams Dog and Cat Food Coupons:
Pampers Sensitive Coupons:…ers_sensitive/
Pampers Coupons:
Hidden Brandvoice Coupons
Gain Coupons:

Order your coupons for more savings!!!
Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Understanding the coupon fine print

Have you ever gone to the check out line, and were told by the cashier “sorry you that coupon doesn’t apply to that product”? I totally know that feeling! I use to feel so awkward, uncomfortable. I decided I really needed to understand the fine print of the coupons I was using, and I needed to understand it better then the cashiers themselves. At the end of the day, it’s my money no one else’s and I would rather it stay with me, no one else!

Knowing your shit when it comes to couponing is important! It will make things much easier when a cashier challenges your coupon use!  Let’s be honest the wording on coupons is very confusing that is why there is so much interpretation by some cashiers. (It’s easy to get angry at the check out person, but don’t. Their training when it comes to coupons, is minimal at times) and if you know your shit when it comes to coupons it will make things much easier. Here are some of the issues that may arise when you get to the cash.

What your coupon says

“One coupon per Purchase”
1 item 1 coupon. Simple.  The confusion with this type of coupon is people confuse “purchase” with “transaction”.  What I usually do (especially when I am using multiple coupons) is ask to speak with the Customer Service Manager and have them simple define what a transaction is, and what a purchase is.  I purchase 1 shampoo, but everything I buy on that receipt is considered one transaction. So if I have 5 shampoos and 5 coupons for $1off the shampoo, I can use them all during my transaction.

"One Coupon Per Transaction"
You can only use one coupon for one item on the entire receipt.   However, if you can break it up in separate transactions you can use it once on every receipt. Again, ask about their policy and how many separate transactions you can do during your time at check out.   You can use as many different coupons during your transaction.

"One Coupon Per Customer/Family/Person"
You can only use this coupon ONCE.

Free item, up to value of…
So you have one of these coupons let’s say for a protein bar, and the price of the bar is $2.59 but the coupon says value of up to $2.29, then the cashier will need to ring in the coupon for $2.29 and you will need to pay the difference.

“Valid in”
Coupons will let you know if they are valid in Canada or a specific store, so ALWAYS check the fine print.  Some coupons say “not valid in Quebec” and that’s what it means.  Others may say valid only at Rexall.

"Coupon Valid till."
Always check the expiry date of your coupons. It’s always listed on the coupon, and it’s usually listed by month, day, and year.

“Valid only on…”
Sometimes the coupon will specify a specific size of the product that it can be used on. For example a recent Tide coupon states for 26 loads or more. So if you grab a bottle that is for 25 loads you simple cannot use it.

What the cashier may say

“The picture does not match the item”
Most coupons have pictures on them, but not necessarily the same item that you’re buying. However if you read the fine print you will know. For example, CREST coupons may have a photo of a certain type of toothpaste, however the coupon may say “ any paste” so in this case it does not have to match the photo.

"We don't accept printable/internet coupons"
As I have stated earlier, always check with the Customer Service Manager about the stores coupon policy. Unfortunately some people abuse internet coupons, and  when a store accepts a invalid coupon they are on the hook for the amount. So again, just ask.

"This does not apply to trial sizes"
Read the fine print, if it states a size (it may say for 50ml or more) then you cannot use it on the trial size, however if it does not state size or it says any size, then they should take it.  

"Cannot use that coupon on a sale item"
This one I hate. Seriously the best part of using coupons is combining them with sale items. Most coupons can be used on sale and clearance item unless it state otherwise. (i.e. on regularly priced items).

That’s all for now, I do hope it helps. Remember, do your homework, know the stores policy and walk to the register with confidence.  You are saving your money! 

Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!