Sunday, April 24, 2011


The couponing world has a lot of acronyms, here is a great list of what they mean.

BOGO or B1G1 = Buy One, Get One Free
B2G1 = Buy Two, Get One Free
B3G1 = Buy Three, Get One Free
FREE ITEM COUPON/FPC = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free.
HV = High Value
IP = Internet Printable Coupon
LF = Looking For
MIR = Mail In Rebate
NED = No Expiry Date
Peelie = A coupon that is attached directly to the product to be “peeled off“
PM = Price Matched (when the store you are at matches the sale price at another store)
PP = Purchase Price
RC = Raincheck
SMP = Specially Marked Packages
STACKING = Some stores allow the use of more than one coupon per item, if the coupon itself does not restrict it.
SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
Tear-pad = A pad of coupons, usually on the shelf or display, where you tear the coupon off of the pad.
TFT = Toonies for Tummies
TMF = Try Me Free
WYB/WUB = When You Buy

Happy Savings,
Miss Savings Girl

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  1. GWP - gift with purcahse, we use that one a lot ;)