Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enough "LIKES" and you get free BUNS!

I have never heard about this before, but it sounds pretty cool. Wonder Bread is offering a coupon on their Facebook page, the catch is the more people that like the page, the better the coupons.  What they are doing is from now until June 15th they are counting how many fans they have and depending on how many fans they have on the 15th that's the coupon you will get:

For 1-2,000 “Likes” – you will receive a 50¢ coupon, (already hit)
For 2,001-4,000 “Likes” – you will receive a 75¢ coupon,
For 4,001-6,000 “Likes” - you will receive a $1 coupon,
For 6,001- 8,000 “Likes” – you will receive a $1.25 coupon,
For 8,001 -10,000 “Likes” - you will receive a Buy One, Get One Free coupon

So head over to Facebook and Like their page!

I found this great Wonder Bread commercial from the 2010 Olympics! Super cute enjoy.

Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!

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