Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gas Prices are insane!

I am in shock this morning. I woke up and was watching Breakfast Television and just watched as the gas pump graphic increased its price! CRAZY! over $1.40 a litre. I remember when I thought 40 cents was a high price for gas.

The Globe and Mail wrote a great piece about why the gas prices are rising The Globe and Mail.   I usual get my gas at a Loblaws gas station where it's a bit cheaper and I get cash back to use at one of their stores, I guess my cash back will be getting higher these days! I also check out Gas Buddy. I would never drive too far to get gas, it's just not worth it! 

There are also all these crazy tips to save gas, like make sure your tire pressure is at this, maintain your car, a hybrid (seriously)... blah blah blah...
Here are mine:
Walk when you can - seriously do you have to drive to go up the street? Especially when the days are just great, and if it's raining use an umbrella!
Take the transit if it's available.  I live in Toronto and we have the TTC, it's not that bad, and I love reading while on the train or bus, it gives me my mine time!
Car pool when the opportunity comes - you will feel the savings immediately.  Send an email around the office and see if others are interested. Three people in my office have done this and one person shared with me that they have saved over $400.00 in the first month (that includes parking).  Also car pool when you are shopping. You should have to shop alone, find a friend and shop together. You don't want to spend ALL your savings on gas.
Get or use your gas points card Seriously if you are paying an arm and a leg why not get points that you can cash in for gas savings, Petro allows you to buy a GC that knocks of a few cents on each fuel purchase up to a certain amount.

If you have any other use full tips please share on my blog!

Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!

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