Saturday, May 7, 2011

My deals this weekend! Can you say FREE!!

I am thinking that more and more people are using coupons these days! I went out to do my shopping this weekend and noticed that a lot of the items that were on sale and had coupons that one could increase their savings were gone! Example the Walmart that I went to was all out of the $1.48 Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bags - so I am hoping they get more in before the sale is done (FYI when you use the right@home coupon B2 get $4 off would make them free).   But I did end up getting some great deals

1. Glade Sense and Spray (websaver coupon) FREE
2. Vector Cereal  (SAVE special deal coupon) FREE
3. 3 travel size St. Yves Facial Scrub ($1.00 tear pad coupon) FREE
4. Case of Diet Gingerale (courtesy of the nice woman I met last weekend) FREE
5. Asana yogurt (Facebook coupon) FREE

At the check out, the cashier told me that she had a lot of people using coupons this weekend! I think that is great, its all about saving where you can. Keep using those coupons, they are just like cash, would you throw out a $20 bill?

Don't forget about my $100 worth of coupons contest! CLICK HERE for more information!  

Happy Savings! 
Miss Savings Girl!



  1. Awesome grabs!. I always love walking out of the store and paying next to nothing. I actually got the Vector, Corn Flakes, 2 tubs of yogurt, Silk milk, and Glade Sense & Spray all free my last trip to Walmart.

  2. Just got the Glade Sense & Spray today! Thanks Miss Savings Girl! You are AWESOME!