Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why do people get mad when someone is using coupons?

This is one thing that I do not understand at all. Why do people get angry when other people use coupons at the checkout? Seriously who goes to Walmart on a Saturday mid-day when they are in a rush? and if my choice to use coupons angers you,  I can only assume that you have bigger issues in your life then my choice to save money!

Over the last few months I have becoming much more savvy when using my coupons, I know what is on sale and I know how to maximize my savings with the sales by using the appropriate coupons. So yes, I do use many coupons when I check out, but I am very organized. If I have a printable coupon I take the time to double check with Customer Service that I can use the coupon.   I always tell the cashier that I have coupons, I hand her them right after she rings in the item and I am patient when she takes her time to make sure that it is valid.   I do everything in my power to make checkout time  quick! Over the last two days I have come across some very RUDE people whispering under their breath that "they do not have time for this" or "seriously?" 

I am sure that I am not the only person to have encountered impatient people, so I want to share some of the great (well I think great) ways of calling them out on their behaviour.

1. I have turned to one lady and nicely said, "I am sorry money doesn't come easy to me, however if you would like me not to use my coupons and make this process go quickly, I have no problem with you  paying me directly the $20.00 (or whatever my total savings is about to be) I am about to save!" with a great big smile!
2. I turn and acknowledge that they are angry and say "I only wish I could just pay the extra $20.00 (or whatever my total savings is about to be) but I hate to give someone more money then I have to.
3. I turn and say, "I am sorry, do you have an issue with me saving money?"
4. I announce very loud my total savings with a great big smile on my face!
5. I just turn around and smile really big and say "sorry! coupons!"
6. When they say "seriously?" I have said "YUP! COUPONS!"

I think these people are getting mad at the wrong person, I am doing everything correctly, but the cashiers are not properly trained on their store coupon policy and they take a lot of time looking over every single inch of my coupon, and if they are not sure they call over their manager to double check with them. 

I really don't care what a stranger thinks or says, I know how to handle my own. I want everyone using coupons to feel the same way, cause at the end of the day it's YOUR money and no one can make you spend more then you need to!

Happy Savings!
Miss Savings Girl!

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